Friday, March 29, 2013

Vegan Necklace GIVEAWAY!!! Vegan Girls Night Out!

Hello my little Maniacs!

I'm so excited to tell you guys that me and The Vegan Woman are doing a Giveaway!
We're giving away these beautiful Vegan and Vegan Love necklaces for 4 lucky winners!
Check out the video explaining it all :)


Wanna win a necklace??
Here's how you do it!

First of all you must SUBSCRIBE to the Henya Mania channel on YouTube 
You must also FOLLOW and LIKE The Vegan Woman on Twitter and Facebook.

Next thing you need to do is just share this video on Facebook and Twitter, and we will choose 2 people from Facebook and another 2 from Twitter who will share and tweet this video. 
We ship worldwide so the winner just might be YOU!
Give it a try :)

The winners will be announced in two weeks from now on April 12, 2013!
Good luck!

*If you don't have either a Facebook or Twitter account you can still enter the contest by sharing the video at whichever account you have [Facebook or Twitter] and follow me and The Vegan Woman on that platform, and SUBSCRIBE to my channel.

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And to our vegan girls night out :)
Me and Gali headed out from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv to meet with Sivan and Natalia from The Vegan Woman
Sivan is the founder and CEO of that awesome site and those of you who have seen my Twilight Saga Vegan Parody must know Natalia from her role as Rosalie :) 
A few months back me and three more vegan beauties modeled for The Vegan Woman Shop catalog, you can see some of the pics here, but when I'll announce the winners I'll post more photos from that photoshoot :)
So anyway, we sat in this fancy place in Neve Tzedeck, had some drinks and ate a vegan fuccacia, which the girls loved and I ate passionately only due to hunger and nothing else :P

We shot this video and talked about girly stuff...It was a great night and we should definitely have more of those!
Here are some of the pics we took :)

So good luck everyone!
See you next time :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passover Photoshoots, Updates And New Videos!

Yo wadup Maniacs??

It's Passover in Israel and you know what that means! don't?
It's a Jewish holiday that marks the outing of the Jewish people from Egypt...blah blah anyway!
We have like a HUGE spring break from university, school, work, and I'm resting my ass off literally now..
I made ton of videos when I stayed in my parent's house for the holiday dinner and I need to edit all of them, but for now check out my latest video for those of you who hadn't got the chance to hear me rap :)

And another video I uploaded before this one, of the Israeli clubber types I've diagnosed during my years of clubbing here in Israel :)

So since I had a lot of free time last week me and my good friend Lin who is also a blogger, went for a photoshoot in the botanical gardens of my university.
check out her awesome blog here! She has a lot of wisdom to share with the world...
Here are some of the pics she took of me :)

That's it for now! I'll be having some new video's coming up so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to see them!

Love you  my little Maniacs! ♥♥

Friday, March 22, 2013

Cosplay, Purim and Halloween costumes 2013! Yoruichi, Snooki and Katy Perry?!

Heyyyy Maniacs!!

It's been awhile since I wrote here, I've been so sick last week and I couldn't update my blog...
But hey, I'm back and I'm here to stay!

So first I want you guys to see this video I made a video at Harucon, which is the annual Purim anime convention in Israel!

It was great going to an anime expo after a year and a half that I didn't go to one. I even wore my self made Yoruichi from Bleach cosplay that won third place in a cosplay contest in a former convention :)
I went to Harucon with Alina and Eyal and Alina took some really cool pics of us as usual :)...

I also took a pic with a fellow bleacher and with the most awesome Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones I met there!

The day before it I went with Gali to one of the worst parties I ever went to in tel aviv.
It was so hot inside that the ink on my tattoo started to swell and itch like a motherfucker! So in the twenty short minutes I was there I took my dress off and danced wearing only my bra and leopard tights! It was a little embarrassing but so fucking liberating, but still I sweated like a pig and we got the hell out of there.
To that party I was dressed as Snooki from jersey shore, but since it's Israel and everyone here's whack, people thought I were Amy winehouse. So annoying considering the fact that when she was still alive I dressed as her in a Purim party and no one knew who I was.
I guess you have to be dead to get noticed. Fuck it. I love Amy! And Snooks! and they have different pouffes. 

On the day of the anime expo I also went to a party, but this one was definitely the worst party I ever went to. Never mind what happened there, but I looked so good! I made a Katy Perry costume from her awesome music video E.T and I also did the super crazy make up she had there...
I really wanted to do a tutorial video of that makeup, so if your'e interested in it, let me know in the comments bellow.

So that's it for now, I wanna show you guys what one of my AWESOME Henya Maniac made for me!
Thanks for this awesome artwork Thina Majidi!♥

If you also want me to feature your Henya Mania artwork on my blog and vlog you can it to me on FB or Email you can find on my contact info :)

See Ya

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Animal Rights Protest in Israel - 269 Direct Action

Hey Maniacs!

Yesterday there was a demonstration for animal rights at Tel Aviv. It was organized in order to support the 269 campaign, as they did a direct action for animal liberation in tel aviv last week. 
The action was awesome!
They put farm animals heads on fountains all over Tel Aviv and colored the water with red!

It was a very strong installation and it got publicized by all the media channels and sites.
And it also got A LOT of criticism, even from vegans!
So here is my message. 

I totally support the direct action. I don't consider it violent at all, and it proved efficient by exposing the veganism idea to a whole lot of people through all the media coverage.
Offcourse people would see it and be horrified, but I believe that the more we put animal suffering and veganism into people's faces, it will permeate to their subconscious and sit there.

As you may find shocking, I'm a huge fan of Sigmund Freud, and I think greatly of his theory, the dynamic subconscious. in short it means that we have thing in our subconscious but they don't just sit there idle. they influence us in many different ways we can't even begin to understand. 
I think that the more people will confront vegans and veganism, the idea will permeate to their subconscious and are more likely to become vegans as they face more triggers related.
That's what happened with me 8 years ago when I went vegan.

So the demo was great, I came with Gali and Eyal. loads of vegans came and also the media was there. 
It was said that a few people would come to the protest wearing bathing suit, so I immediately jumped on this opportunity to show my abs, but I was the only one there with a bikini so I skipped that thought.

After the demo, me, Gali and Eyal went for a fruit shake and headed home, as it was friday and we had to catch the last bus to Jerusalem. 

That's it for this time!
What do you think about the Installation? Good? Bad? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
BTD, did you like my new blog design? I worked on it the whole weekend!

Peace out,
Hen ♥

Monday, March 4, 2013

Henya Mania in "At" Magazine!!!

Heyyy Maniacs!!!

So here are the exciting news I'd been waiting to tell you!
I was interviewed by a big woman's magazine named “At”, about me, my channel and veganism.
They also took some professional pics of me! With lighting and photoshop and everything!

Well anyway, the article came out in the last issue in the 28.2 and I AM THRILLED!
It came out soooo good!
It's in Hebrew so probably most of you can't read it, sorry! :)
The only problem I have with it is that the writer wrote that Michael does all of the filming and editing which he only did twice...But who cares?! It's a great article and I'm glad the things I said hadn't been taken out of context. So I wanna send a huge thanks to the writer Liat Levi [Levy?]!

Here is the pics from the photoshoot and the pic I took from the paper...I'm hoping I won't have any copyrights issues with it :P
I owe a HUGE Thanks to the amazing photographer Inbal Marmari! You can watch her other works on her website -

That's it for now, in the following days I'm gonna upload the video from the anime convention I'd been to on purim, so make sure you follow me on Twitter, facebook, G+, here on my blog to get more updates, and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

Manic love <3

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