Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowy Timez!

Yes! Winter is finally here in Israel, and with it - SNOW!
This year I went a little overboard with excitement... here are the results.

Monday, November 25, 2013

On Being Sick

Let's be honest, nobody likes to be sick. Your nose is running, your'e nausious, stomach hurts, throat sore, head pounding and what not.
I myself as a major hypochonder, germophobic and generaly scared of being sick, HATE those times when i start feeling low and even worse, coming down with something.

But I have to admit it, being sick is an amazing time. First of all, it always happens when your pushing yourself too hard, or having a mental breakdown, or in a point in life you just can't go on as you are. That's what so amazing about the human body. He gives a fuck about you, and when he doesn't like the way he's being treated, he shuts down and demands your attention. 

Right now I'm recovering from an evil cold I got last week, and getting sick was a huge wake up call for me.
Not that I didn't know I was feeling like shit, but I was doing everything I could to get away from it. Clubbing almost everyday, not sleeping, not eating as good, and just running away from any alone time I might have. And to be frank? Getting that cold was a true blessing.
Finally I got some quality time with myself, I got to rest more than I could handle, and it really made an impact on me. I feel so much better now, having dealt with myself and seing that the monster is not so bad. I even made some new resolutions for myself such as taking better care of myself.. sleeping more, eating better, start what Ive been wanting to do forever now - Parkour! And of course, letting go of the past, try to get over my fears and move on to greater things.

Definitely happy I got this cold and was forced to slow down a bit.
What are your thoughts about being sick? Do you also use that time for new resolutions?
Let me know in the comments.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Birthday Crisis.

Hey guys..
I thought about maybe clearing some things out cause I haven't been uploading anything for a while now...
I've been very busy with everything and my mood hasn't been the best in the last couple of months. Lately I really lack motivation to do pretty much anything. That's why I haven't really filmed something new and keeping up with my schedule.

I think the first problem is university. this is my final year, and iv'e been thinking about quitting for two years now. I just hate studying and nothing in it interests me anymore. which is a big shame cause i used to have so much motivation for this degree but the subject doesn't interest me since I started taking my vlog more seriously. I actually regret not leaving at the start of my second year, or going to study something more artsy in a different college, but now I'm staying cause I never really finished anything I started and I want my degree to be that thing I get to complete by myself. besides I think being able to stay at a place youre not feeling good in is a quality I lack and i need to learn. cause it really is a problem! I quit everything and I don't do anything I don't like.

Another thing that keeps me down lately is the feeling of loneliness I get pretty strong these days, I just feel really disconnected from other people in my life, and like im so different from everybody, and people always say this to me, like im so unique and weird and blah blah, and its nice to hear sometimes but in general its not the best feeling to be an outsider. especially in classes i get this feeling when I see other people so soaked in the material and it just seems so unreal to me that they care about this, it even pisses me off.
And besides that, me and my ex boyfriend broke up long ago and since than I didn't find anyone that interest me enough to enter a relationship with and worthy enough to share my life with. and i miss being with someone. watching a movie in bed, cooking together, I don't know, I just miss it.

That and the fact that last week was my 25 birthday, I was overwhelmed with depression. I was retrospecting on my life and thinking about all the shit that iv'e been through, crying my eyes out and wanting to shout my lungs out of my body from all the pain I felt all together. yesterday too, I had a panic attack out of nowhere, clearly somethings wrong with me.
I keep on going to classes and I do what I can to not stay at home depressed, I even started going to the gym, but as soon as I get home at night I start feeling really bad and that feeling leads me pretty fast to crying myself to sleep.
I have a ton of projects that are stuck in the middle, 2 awesome songs im working on and an insane vegan project, but I don't have the energy to pull it off right now.

So that's what I wanted so say and I wanted you guys to know why iv'e been absent.
hope to see you in better times...


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My First Halloween!!!

I'll take both thank you :)

As most of you already know, I live in Israel. Sadly we don't celebrate this AWESOME Holiday here.
We celebrate Purim, a Jewish holiday in which we dress in costumes and getting really wasted is a blessing. But Henya Mania doesn't settle for less and I'll take both holidays why thank you for asking :)
This year I decided on making my own Halloween party at my place one week before, and go out to all the parties at Halloween itself, that way I can dress in different costumes, and get to decorate my house and make creepy Halloween vegan food!

I was a sugar skull thingy [what is that? can someone please explain this to me in the comments?] and my friend Bat-Chen the makeup artist did my AWESOME makeup, and Alina took my photos. Thanks LOVES!

The rest om the pics are in my fb :)
All in all we had an awesome house party! but now I have to think of my next costume! any ideas?
What's your costume for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments!
Have a happy and creepy Halloween little Maniacs! ♥

Friday, October 18, 2013

VEGAN Black Metal Chef T-shirt Just In!


Wudup Maniacs??
Look at what just arrived in my mail! My new Vegan Black Metal Chef t-shirt!!!!
I'm a huge fan and I'm totally psyched! had to share it with you guys :)

If you don't know who I'm talking about, run along with shame to watch what you've missed in the last years! VBMC makes delicious vegan recipe videos with all the instructions in black metal growls and original music all done by THE Vegan Black Metal Chef and with a touch of SEITAN :) You should definitely subscribe to his channel to watch more of his AWESOME videos, and if you want a shirt like mine, here's how you get one.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bye Bye University Life!

Hello my fellow crazy Maniacs!
My last video is a video response to Marina Shifrin's I quit dance video!
Though I did say I'm quitting my University, I have to say it was only for the sake of the video.
I contemplated a lot about leaving at the beginning of my second year, and I fucking hate studying and the academy and everything related, but I'm totally staying for my last year.
I usually quit everything I do in life and if something is even slightly not comfortable for me, I leave without looking back, but my degree is going to be the thing I didn't quit :)
But in the video, I danced as if I'm leaving for real, and twerking on the lecturers podium in the biggest class at the university was a blast!

The video was covered on "The Mushroom" viral weekend also
It was also in an Israeli morning show on TV! I'm looking it up right now so I can put it in my press section :)

I have so many silly footages from my student days, and I plan on filming some more of my student life this year, so I could make a "I finished my B.A degree" video at the end of it. It's gonna be epic!
Hope you enjoyed my quitting video, let me know what you think in the comments bellow :)

Monday, September 30, 2013

BIG In Berlin!

Boy did I miss saying that...I finally dropped my vlog from Berlin on my channel!
It took me so long to edit, It was a nightmare! but in the end I love the result and it makes me laugh so hard and brings back all the memories...
Obviously, not everything is up there. when I got to Berlin I thought I was going to vlog every second of it, but in the end I was like "ok Hen, this is awesome. take a picture and vlog it". As you can see, on the first I was vlogging like crazy but the more I was experiencing , the less need I felt to share it.
And it might sound a little depressing, but that's what I think about all those social networks, That if we all really enjoyed life and had a ton of experiences everyday, we wouldn't need facebook and twitter to show our life to other people.
But hey! vlogging is so not related to this equation, and I'm just at the beginning of my vlogging days, so stay tuned, there's so much more to come!

Friday, September 20, 2013

How To Be Vegan In Berlin

Halo fellow Maniacs!
As you might know from this post ,my twitter, fb and instagram accounts, I was in Berlin for ten days in the last month for an Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste summer camp.
This was my first actual "abroad" experience. I was in Netherlands for work and I ran the hell away from the company I was working for after 3 days... So that doesn't count.
Before going to Berlin I was very worried I won't have anything to eat and I was anxious in general, But also very excited cause people keep talking about how Berlin is such an awesome city for vegans.
In my experience, in Berlin I ate much better than I eat in Israel.

My vegan pizza! 4 different types of cheese! FUCKING DELICIOUS!

First of all let's talk fruits. most of the fruits were surprisingly delicious for a cold country, and there were fruits I nibbled on constantly, like blueberries or blackberries, that cost like a new Iphone in Israel, so it was my second time eating them in my life! They also have weird huge cucumbers and purple

some kind of berry I've never seen before Berlin
Berlin has such beautiful strawberries..I didn't get to try one

Sadly, I haven't had much time to check out vegan restaurants :( some of them have very strange opening hours that didn't go quite well with my schedule. I did get to try the vegan pizzeria Sfizy Veg somewhere in south Berlin. Definitely best thing I ate in Berlin. It was so fucking delicious there's no words to describe. 

Sfizy Veg, Vegan pizzeria in Berlin

The second place I got to visit is Goodies, which is a restaurant inside the Veganz supermarket - an only vegan supermarket. At the first day we got there I bought so many vegan cheese and Goodies was already closed... We begged and begged to get some vegan cakes, but they were really closed. Instead they gave us their vegan sandwiches leftovers from the day, and is was so good, especially since it was free, and after a long and tiring day. It was really nice of them.
I went there once more on my last day because it was close to the Berlin wall, and this time the experience weren't as good. the food was ok, not amazing, and they got pissed at me for taking pictures. 

Vegan cheese section at "veganz" an only vegan supermarket in berlin!

Another place we went to was a Vietnamese restaurant which was vegetarian but I'm not that keen on trying new foods and I already ate a vegan yogurt I bought at the store so I only ordered some fresh rolls. mediocre.
From some unknown reason I bought chocolates like crazy. I'm not that fan even, and I still have most of them half eaten in my kitchen. I even bought a raw vegan chocolate from this charity store cause I wanted to flirt with the hot Taiwanese seller, but the chocolate tasted like crap. But I got a nougat chocolate, that was dope! 

My first vegan yogurt ever
Vegan chocolate I got in berlin

the vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant we visited in mitte
the fresh rolls I ordered

Omnomnom vegan yummy yogurt in Berlin

One thing that surprised me, when I came back to Israel actually, we went to Yad Vashem, a holocaust memorial museum. What i found fascinating are these two paintings I saw there, that try to make the connection between the human holocaust and the animal holocaust. I don't know why I'm so surprised to see that as so many holocaust survivors are now vegan, maybe It's because I'm still on the mindset I had 8 years ago when I became vegan and no one knew what it was. now veganism is so common that almost every restaurant in Israel has avegan menu as well and thousands of people come to support animal liberation in huge demos.

The airplane food.. we didn't order vegan food in advance..
Purple avocados...

That's it for now, next post will come with my Vlog from Berlin [hey, it took me ages to edit!] and the last photos I'm gonna drop here [The rest on my fb] so i'll see you there!
QUESTION OF THE DAY - Have you been to Berlin? Where would you like to travel?
Let me know in the comments below.

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